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Do you have a wedding or event planned and you are looking for the perfect location?

Look no further because the Jerusalem Shrine Center is perfect. AND with us you get to plan your event exactly the way you want as we let you schedule all your decorating and vendors yourself! We rent you the building and you get to plan the way YOU want!

​Jerusalem Shrine Center - Ballroom and Oasis Conference Room Rental Rates & Info

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Rentals are scheduled for a 4 hour timeframe.  Also included, are 2 additional hours for setup

and 1 hour for clean up.

Additional setup/breakdown hours are $100.00 per hour.  Must be scheduled prior to event and are must be taken in conjunction within 2 hours included in rental.



$45.00 per hour/per officer

$75.00 per hour/per officer for holidays

1 officer required for every 100 guests

Liability Insurance


MANDATORY and must be paid in full & proof given to Jerusalem Shriners 30 days prior to event

Ballroom measurements are 75 ft x 105 ft with seating up to 500 people.

Bar/Oasis accommodates up to 125 people.

Security is REQUIRED through SCPSO at $45 per hour per officer.   Security is arranged by Jerusalem Shriner Event Coordinator.

Soft drinks & beer tap are included in pricing.

Commercial kitchen includes 12 burner gas range, 2 large ovens, commercial refrigerator and ice machine.



~Proceeds are for the benefit of Jerusalem Shrine~

~Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions~